Agility Multichannel Sweden

We're excited to announce that in order to provide more great products and services to customers, this week we acquired Axpa, a technology company in Malmö, Sweden. We’ve worked very closely with the Axpa team over many years, so this is in many ways a natural evolution for us, but it’s also a very exciting opportunity. We now have a direct company presence in Scandinavia to further enhance our ability to support customers and build a partner network in the region. We’re bringing into the fold a valuable, highly experienced Axpa team who we know will be a great addition to the Agility Multichannel global customer and partner support team. The acquired technology now under the Agility Multichannel umbrella includes an integration tool for linking Product Information Management (PIM) to ERP and merchandising planning systems; a campaign planning tool for use by marketing and creative teams; enhanced tools for integration with and automation of multi-site and global digital assets workflows, and enhanced publishing workflow, including automation, versioning and review. The new entity will be called Agility Multichannel Sweden and will be located in new offices in Malmö. Lots of exciting things to talk about in the days ahead. Hope you'll check back soon.  Tack!