Our conferences and workshops are held annually in Europe and North America.

We started hosting them way back in the mid '90s, at a time when most other companies shied away from assembling all of their customers in the same room. Since then, we've had more than 40 of them, and they're extremely important to us. Our workshops give our customers and partners a chance to exchange experiences and insights and to pick up some hands-on instruction. They provide us with the opportunity to listen and to learn about the needs of the people who use our software daily.  We share our plans, progress and roadmaps. We have some fun, too.

They're always complimentary.


Agility PIM User Workshops and Conferences


As always, the workshops were a great success. Everything was well executed and professional, as ever, but without being too formal – just the right balance. It’s always good for us to chat to other customers and learn about their experiences with Agility and AMI, etc., and of course catch up with the Agility team.
Tracy DalbyFisher Scientific UK