Agility DI's full range of features are both highly sophisticated and exquisitely simple, capable not only of efficiently moving unlimited volumes of data in and out but of ensuring that all of it, regardless of the source, is flawlessly consistent, accurate and analytics ready. Read more.


With the user-friendly features of Agility product information management software, end users can easily maximize the value of their data and preview it in each channel, ensuring that they aren't just getting the most out of Agility. They're also putting the most into it. Read more.


Agility automates the simultaneous publication of enriched product content to any number of downstream channels, each with its own rules and restrictions. It’s an inherently complex process that we’ve made strikingly simple with Agility Syndication. Read more.

We’re the only major Product Information Management (PIM) vendor devoted to fully integrating Product Management, Experience Management and Commerce.

 “Agility” has become a buzzword in the PIM universe that we exist in. But for us it’s much, much more than just a word. Agility® is the real deal. We were pioneers. Our technology has come so far since our beginnings that we've had to coin a new term to encompass it: Product Management for Commerce. Our software, unlike other purely data-focused solutions, connects Content with Creative for Commerce (our 3 C's.)